Windows AR Drone Control software

Use this software on Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, 64 or 32 bit, to control your Parrot AR Drone 1 or 2.0!

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Requires the .NET framework & DirectX to be installed!
Download .NET Framework 4 from Download DirectX from


I, myself, have an old iPhone and a crappy Android device. I couldn't control my drone. I went to search and found an old project on GitHub - now i'm modifying it to work with the ARDrone 2.0!

Source code

This application is open-sourced. People worked on it on a voluntarily. Its not top-notch, but its a hobby project, and it works. Check out the pages on GitHub to edit / view / fork the source. Feel free to add code!

View sourcecode on GitHub »

Original creator

Most credits go out to Thomas Endres for making the main program.

View original repo on GitHub »

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All version support

  • Connecting
  • All movement (up, down, forward, backward etc.)
  • Take off / land
  • Battery indicator
  • Compass
  • Altitude-meter
  • Battery state
  • Orientation (pitch, yaw, roll)
  • Emergency stop
  • Max / min altitude
  • Keyboard control
  • WiiMote control
  • GamePad control (xBox, PS3 etc..)

ARDrone 1 Support

I do not own a Parrot ARDrone 1, so I can not test it. From what i can see, these functions work:

  • Hover mode
  • Live video (both cameras)
  • Record video
  • Take snapshots

ARDrone 2 support TO COME

Since this software was made for the Parrot ARDrone 1, not everything works on the ARDrone 2.0. Thats what I am trying to fix.

  • Live video
  • Record video
  • Absolute control
  • Flips
  • Accurate battery status
  • Connection status (strength)
  • Waypoints
  • GPS Support

What do the people say?


  • January 13th 2013
    • Software now doesnt crash anymore. Quite handy, you can use it now!
  • January 10th 2013
    • Uploaded the first version of the software.

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